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The 3 Best Jumping Stilts in ​2021

These power bocks, Kangaroo shoes also knowing as jumping stilts or spring stilts are specially designed stilts for walking, running and of course jumping! These shoes or ‘stilts’ are used for performing acrobatics, exercising or simply having fun. There are many brands and companies making ​jumping stilts, but if you are interested in knowing about the best jumping stilts in ​​2020, this article is just for you. We will be taking a look at ​​jumping stilts ​with the aim of helping you decide which one is the right ​​jumping stilts for you.

#1 Sky Runner© Adult Kangaroo Shoes ​Jumping Stilts

One of the products that is highly rated and best recommended among its competition, is the Kangaroo Shoes Jumping Stilts by Sky Runner©. These ​jumping stilts are ergonomically designed and appear sturdy and very durable. The body is mainly constructed of steel and hard plastic. The tie-up straps are made out of nylon. Upon first look, you can easily feel the overall build quality of the ​​jumping stilts to be very high, however it could be far better with slight improvements. The nylon straps appear to be of different sizes and the padding used is not sufficient to provide the needed cushioning.

The Sky runner© Adult Kangaroo are meant for Adults (as the name suggests), unfortunately the safety equipment which comes along with the ​​jumping stilts is more of a child/teen size rather than adult. These jumping stilts have a steep learning curve. Balancing and standing straight takes some time. The design for these jumping stilts needs both legs to be wider due to the bulk on the sides. ​These ​jumping stilts require some patience and getting used to, however once you’ve had enough walking practice and you can easily manage your weight, the fun really kicks in. You can start running and jumping to your heart’s desire.

One thing to consider is sudden stopping due to traffic or other obstacles, make sure you practice in a less crowded area with barely any traffic just to be sure. You don’t want to be in front of a moving vehicle if you lose your footing and going down to pavement for a 3 feet fall.


  • Sturdy Construction
  • High grade Steel and Plastic frame
  • Weight ​range as described but could take more


  • Straps are not same size
  • Safety equipment has wrong size
  • Heavier than similar products of different brand
Sky Runner© Kids/Child Youth Kangaroo Shoes Jumping Stilts

These ​jumping stilts come in two color options depending on your preference. You could go with either the Crimson Red or the Matte Black. These jumping stilts are made for kids and young children with a weight ​range of approximately 50KG or 110lbs.  According to some health experts, usually kids between age 8-13 fall within this weight category.

The construction of these jumping stilts are solid and they can easily handle the weight ​range specified. These brightly colored ​​jumping stilts are meant to be eye catchers and to bring out the excitement and adventurous spirit of children. ​These ​jumping stilts are safe for kids although it requires some time for them to fully understand and balance. Initially it is recommended to supervise the kids for the first few sessions, but later on they would be jumping out of your hair so to speak!

If Red is not their color, these ​jumping stilts also come in Black for a more mature and ‘means business’ kinda look. These ​jumping stilts are certified by SGS and CE for safety regulation purposes. The child’s weight and height play a major role in the way the ​​jumping stilts perform. For instance, if your child is on a leaner side, they would not be able to achieve higher elevation while jumping due to less weight pressure on the springs. Similarly, if the child is tall, they may face a bit of a difficulty wearing the jumping stilts as they straps may come below the knee roll which would cause an uneven support. So ideally, these ​jumping stilts are best for kids with average builds.


  • Sturdy Construction
  • Bright color choice of Red or Black
  • Weight ​range ideal for kids


  • Performance vary depending on body types
  • Could cause an injury if child is not careful
  • Springs become squeaky overtime and may require regular lubrication

Due to a Carbon Fiber spring member, the Air Trekkers Adult Model provide acrobatics fun for any-age. As compared to its competition, these ​jumping stilts are more durable and lighter.  You can perform jumps, sprint, flip and do many different parkour stunts. Using these jumping stilts would give you the feeling of having a bionic extension on your legs which can help you sprint, jump and have a blast!

Proper usage of ​jumping stilts could potentially advance the athletic motor skills and a person’s agility. Jumping alone, benefits the lower back, calves, hamstrings and the leg muscles in general.

The Air Trekkers also come with YOUTH and EXTREME models. With each ​jumping stilts model having their own special features, the ADULT model provides high performance, light weight and extremely responsive springs to ensure maximum comfort and flex.


  • Durable aluminum construction for safety
  • Highest quality carbon-fiber spring


  • Overall Pricy
  • Require assistance when starting out
  • Learning Curve

Tips For Buyers

Before you decide to fork out your hard earned cash at a certain ​jumping stilts model that is enticing you, it’s best to lookout for a couple of basics. Here are some tips to serve as a buyer’s guide.

best jumping stilts

Ease of Use

It’s all about comfort and ease of use in the end. The jumping stilts’ weight must be manageable for you to avoid fatigue and lack of energy. Depending on ​the ​construction, some jumping stilts are easily wearable than others. So do a test drive before you pay. 

Foot Type

Just like you are choosing your regular or workout shoes that best fit your foot shape, You need to try out the jumping stilts to make sure they are comfortable and your body weight is distributed equally on your sole and fingers.  Jumping stilts that are not comfortable could result in injury.

Build Quality

Make sure that the main frame and straps of the ​jumping stilts are well constructed. Do not get overwhelmed by the shiny stickers and bright colors. Low quality and poorly engineered jumping stilts tend to get damaged and become squeaky far quicker than high-grade well-constructed ​​jumping stilts.

Size/Weight Limit

Depending on your weight/height, you may choose Small, Medium or Large ​jumping stilts. Each size has its own weight limit that is market out on the packaging so choose accordingly.

Response Time

​Jumping stilts are made differently. Not all ​the ​jumping stilts perform equally when it comes to the response level. Too slow or too fast are definitely not the best approach. Choosing jumping stilts that do not match the body’s movement could cause serious leg, knee or back injuries.


It’s all about the movement. Make sure that you feel comfortable moving your legs. Many people complain of developing rashes or blisters with lateral movement.


So these are the top jumping stilts in ​​2020. You may choose any brand or type based on your budget and requirement. The idea is to exercise safely and have fun with your new hobby.